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A paradigm shift from “take-make-waste” to “Re-design, Reduce, Reuse, Renew, Repair, Recycle & Retrieve"
Unlock the value of organic waste
Organic waste is converted to Biogas and Biomethane using an Anaerobic Digester
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Our Mission

Why We Exist

A Business for Nature

Organic Waste to Energy (OWE) is a business for nature; our existence is guided solely by the need to enable the regeneration of our planet's biodiversity for future generations. We believe that a regenerative biodiversity-ecosystem is the support mechanism for healthy communities, sustained cities and sustained economies.

Regenerative Biodiversity

Support mechanism for healthy communities, sustained cities and economies

Our community

We enable our clients to participate in the Circular Economy

Renewable energy

We convert organic and food waste into renewable forms of Bioenergy

Stewardship of the Planet

Every time our clients engage
our services, their action contributes to the preservation of our Planet.

Our strategic intent is to be the leading Resource Efficiency company that effectively takes part in the Circular Economy. Our ultimate goal is to assist our clients with landfill diversion of organic waste, through our sustainable waste management services, with the added benefit of energy independence created by using WTE technology- Anaerobic Digestion


Up to 33% of food produced annually in South Africa is food waste

This food waste can be used to create energy independence.


Why Us

The Benefits

Why Engage Our Services

Adherence to current legislation and city by-laws​

Zero organic waste to landfills

Cost efficiency from reduced landfill gate fees

Energy Independence

Contribution to a carbon-neutral emissions society

Climate Mitigation & Adaptation


Our business principles

Founded on 4 of the 17 UNSDGs

To articulate awareness through educational campaigns on the most efficient methods of food waste disposal and their impact on climate change. Stimulate behavioural change in society for the preservation of the planet’s biodiversity.

To assist cities and communities to practice Resource Efficiency in the Circular Economy by the conversion of food waste into energy which can be used to power cities, thus creating sustainable cities.

To actively and innovatively participate in “Planet Sustainability” by increasing the global renewable energy mix using Waste-to-Energy (Anaerobic Digestion) technology.

To restore degraded land and improve the nutrient content of arable land by using Digestate and replacing chemical fertilizers.

How We Enable You

We Bring You The Tools

For Your Business

We enable your business to meet its “Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability” goals.

Our on-site services help to sort your waste, give you a waste audit report, as well as a plan to implement waste strategies in line with current legislation.

Through smart waste solutioning, we assist your business with separation of organic waste from source, thus enabling your business to participate in the Circular Economy. We supply designated food waste bins, train your staff on organic waste separation on site, and cleanse your waste bins on collection days.

Waste Collection for safe disposal and treatment at existing facilities i.e. composting sites and existing Anaerobic Digesters.

We supply Waste Bins and Containers.

Supplying you with accurate information on organic waste produced by your business for audit purposes, after safe disposal at composting site or Anaerobic Digester.


Residential Complexes | Estates | Units Dwellings

Through your Body Corporate

We make it easy for you to become a steward of the planet

Supplier of kitchen waste Caddy bins and 70L,120L or 240L collections bins to residential complexes/estates/unit dwellings for food waste separation from source.

The kitchen waste Caddies are labelled showing the food types compatible for waste-to-energy production, and education awareness of the effect of food waste on the climate.

Waste Collection for safe disposal and treatment at existing facilities i.e. composting sites, and existing Anaerobic Digesters

Your Options

How You Can

Every time you engage our services, you contribute to the preservation of our Planet.

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